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Our mindsets are our code of conduct

The basis for the “Grünenthal spirit” is our clear desire to make a genuine difference and improve the lives of our patients. We have developed four mindsets which provide guidance for our day-to-day work – both for us as individuals and as a team.

Innovative + Clever

We are always striving to develop new, innovative products for our patients. To do this, we think outside the box, demand and support the development of new ideas and solutions, take smart risks, and ensure close coordination between the R&D, Production and Sales & Marketing teams.

Honest + Courageous

We want the best solutions for our patients. This requires openness, self-criticism, and determination. After all, we can only find the best solutions if we question ourselves and challenge one another. We are honest and give frank feedback. Because only one thing matters: we want to make a genuine difference and change our patients’ lives for the better.

Caring + Inspiring

To really achieve something together, everyone must play their part! That’s why it’s important that we take the initiative, get others involved and joining our journey. We listen to others and support their initiatives too. That’s how we get things done together.

Result-driven + Value-adding

There is one overarching goal that we never lose sight of: we want to improve quality of life for our patients on a continual basis. To do this, we give our all and aim to find the very best solutions, working in close collaboration with colleagues. Because, at the end of the day, it comes down to how much genuine added value we can generate together.

Do our mindsets resonate with you? Would you like to experience and contribute to the true “Grünenthal spirit”? Then apply today via our Online Job Market.

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The spirit of Grünenthal - Working with heart and soul for our patients

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Building a meaningful career - A critical piece of the puzzle